Support of Creative and Research Excellence by Graduate Students

Graduate students can qualify for partial reimbursement of travel expenses under the following conditions:

  1. SCT will support student scholarly work by partially reimbursing travel, food, housing and/or registration costs associated with creative and research presentations whenever budget limitations permit. These funds are intended to support creative and research endeavors that contribute to SCT’s identity and reputation.
  2. Students in terminal programs [PhD. and MFA] will be eligible for a maximum of up to $250 in any one academic year, and students in non-terminal master’s programs [MS, MJ, MA] will be eligible for a maximum of up to $125 in any one school year. These are the maximum rather than the guaranteed figures and are intended for those who present, show or perform at the most important and prestigious conferences, festivals, or other appropriate events (student divisions included) as determined by each department’s faculty. Presentations at lesser known conferences or venues will typically qualify for reduced levels of support.
  3. Each request for reimbursement must be accompanied by the Graduate Student Research and Creative Presentations Travel Award form signed by the student’s advisor and Graduate Program Director. These signatures confirm that the event or activity is recognized in the field and that the student’s participation in this event merits travel support from SCT. Final decisions on travel awards will be made by the Dean’s Office, depending on both the prestige of the event and the amount of available funding.
  4. For creative and research products that are rigorously judged as among the top student efforts at a national or international conference or showing, up to $250 in additional reimbursement may be applied for. Examples of such accomplishments are rare but could include a “Top Three” award at NCA, AEJMC, ICA, USITT, or UFVA, acceptance at an uncommonly prestigious film festival such as Cannes, being cast in a major regional theater or film production, an ensemble invitation to a national or international acting festival, or comparable achievement in some other creative or research area.
  5. This policy is intended to support the work of graduate students but some creative or academic accomplishments by undergraduate students will qualify for reimbursement at the same level as master’s students when funds are available.
  6. All university policies [], including the requirement that airline flights be booked only through the university’s authorized travel agency, must be followed. Reimbursement will be from School funds but will be initiated through standard university procedures beginning with the department office.
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