The Song of Rising – Fukkatsu no Uta

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Music by Jack Klotz, Jr., & Satoru Sasaki
Lyrics by Satoru Sasaki, Naoko Masuda, & Jack Klotz, Jr.
(Prelude, “It Felt Like the End of All Things” composed by Vince Leonard)
©2012, All Rights Reserved


drum kit: Andy Kravitz taiko: Matt Palmer bass, guitars, & shamisen: Jack Klotz, Jr. orchestration: Vince Leonard

lead vocals: Satoru Sasaki
background vocals: Atsuko Suda, Christopher Sapienza, Ed Sweeney, Naoko Masuda, Jack Klotz, Jr.

spoken word (prelude): Atsuko Suda, Sayuri Okayasu-Decky, Naoko Masuda, John David Klotz, Stephen Klotz


Akari Yanada, Sydney Daviston-Atkins, Hisae Higuchi, Julisa Basak, Erik Jacobs, Zehra Siddiqui, Shantal Gonzalez, Ritsy George, Desmon Hickson, Jarrytt McDonald, Kosuke Kinoshita, Sonia Galiber, Ahmed Regab, Saki Hirai, Christina Wiltsie, Gina Hoang, Tatsuya Emoto, Michelle Drake, Kim O’Malley, Yoshi Shibata, Helson Meirina, Yuri Seung, Samantha Ray, Pedro Diaz, Amanda Rossetti, Sam Buccino, Mark Reardon, Sayuri Okayasu-Decky

produced by: Jack Klotz, Jr. & Vince Leonard for Invinceable Entertainment
associate producer: Naoko Masuda

recorded at: [USA] Studio 4, Conshohocken, PA; Sound and Vision, Collingswood, NJ; The Braukeller, Springfield, PA; Studio G, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA; [Japan] Buta-Sound, Tama, Tokyo

recording engineers: Jack Klotz, Jr., Andy Kravitz, Satoru Sasaki, & Phil Nicolo mixed by: Jack Klotz, Jr. mastered by: Phil Nicolo


by Naoko Masuda and Natsumi Kitano

special thanks

Pam and the boys, for your love and support; Naoko for initiating this collaboration, for all of your help and encouragement, and for your great creative energy; Satoru for your wonderful lyrics and fantastic singing; Atsuko for your lovely voice and for all of the translation help; Matt for starting my education in traditional Japanese music and the loan of the shamisen; Vince for your fantastic orchestration (as always!); bassist extraordinaire EJ Simpson, Temple University’s Japanese Students Association and Nihongo Kaiwa Club, and Japanese Language Professors Kumi Omoto and Reiko Yoshida, Temple SCT Communications Director, Jeff Cronin, and TUJ Fund Committee Chair, Betsy Leebron Tutelman…

… and, of course to everyone who contributed their time and talent to this effort, ???????????- we are indebted for your kindness!