Controversial Harrods – Quinton Bosman

One of the places that is a few blocks away from our flat is Harrods department store. It is famous for luxury brands, a vast food court and amazing architecture. I have never seen anything like it in my life. I can’t believe people actually buy things from this place, but they have been in business since 1849 so they must be doing something right.

The prices were astronomical. We saw a couch worth $32,000. The mirror below cost $17,000.

One of the most interesting things I found in the store was a small memorial to Princess Diana. In all honesty there are plenty of times where I have forgotten that she is no longer with us. A book was laid out for patrons to sign along with a beautiful statue created in her honor.

Harrods, along with many other vendors, is displaying a tribute to the Korean culture festival with a set of Korean robots in the window. The festival is meant to showcase Korean culture such as art, technology, religion and politics. The robots may have been the strangest things I have seen so far in London. They reminded me of the episode of “Family Matters” where Steve Urkel turned into a robot. The robots in the display were all sad for some reason and they made the slowest, most awkward movements possible.

So lets get to the controversial part…

We all know and love Harrods for their luxury design and amusement park-like experience but what happens when protests begin outside of the beloved establishment? While it is clear that Harrods continues to sell fur in their store, it is unclear how that fur is obtained. Animal lovers around the world will of course side against the use of fur anywhere but even more shocking is the idea of who the trades are affecting. In what protestors call the “bloody fur trade” Harrods is accused of trading with Qatar. Harrods is the only department store in the UK to still sell real fur since it has been banned. Technically the fur is not “made” in the UK so it is still legal, however most stores have chosen not to sell at all.

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