¡Barcelona! – Quinton Bosman

In the midst of the Olympic craziness, I decided to escape to Barcelona for a little while. The city known for it’s inventive architecture and beautiful beaches was still buzzing with Olympic fever. There is no escape! Honestly who would want to escape the Games? Everyone was talking about them. There wasn’t a bar or cafe that didn’t have the events on the television screen.

I did notice a large number of British tourists who claimed that they had been country hoping to try to avoid the madness in their hometown of London. I noticed them in the Barceloneta section of the city which featured a dock full of ships and restaurants. It also had an amazing view of the Monseratt.

I couldn’t help but compare Barcelona to London, the entire time I was there. I have always loved Spain, but now England has a special place in my heart. One major difference however is the beach. Nothing beats a great beach. Barcelona has seven. Sorry London.

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