London: A Look Back – Jake Rasmussen

This is my last blog entry, and I felt that I should take this opportunity to look back at all the things we have done through a slideshow. Pictures of us working, exploring the city, stores we’ve seen, food we have ate and activities that we have done are all included.

Of course, I’m going to miss this program a whole lot. I will come away with new experiences, new friends and new memories! Tonight is our last show; time sure flew by. Thanks to everyone who made this trip possible!

Last week already?! – Jake Rasmussen

Hello world!

Ryan blogged about our crazy day on Friday. Saturday was long as well! We went on a Sherlock Holmes walking tour, which we got into for free with our Media Credential passes. We saw locations that were used in the stories, the Guy Ritchie adaptations, and the BBC show Sherlock. After eating a delicious brunch, we went back home and I helped Ryan film some of his Olympic pin trading piece, which is airing this Tuesday! Ryan and I are very excited to report this week.

The courtyard of Somerset House

Today, I made a really mediocre pizza that we bought for two pounds, edited my Abbey Road piece for Tuesday, and then watched Anchorman.

In our last week, we will go on a bike tour of Hampton Court, see Dark Knight Rises, and seeing more in London! Oh-and broadcasting our last two shows already! Crazy how fast time flies. Ryan and I still want to film a short video here, and film a short segment for my show The Grog Show on Temple TV as well.

Make sure you tune in this Tuesday and Thursday at 7 p.m. for our last two shows! You won’t want to miss them.

Everyone is telling me to hurry up because we are going to go get ice cream. Cheers!

Accomplishments in London – Jake Rasmussen

  • Held an Olympic torch — it wasn’t that heavy
  • Kicked Ryan in the middle of the night — while sleeping
  • Ran into an Australian rowing athlete: Warwick Draper — in a toy store
  • Got McDonalds — twice
  • Ate Moroccan food — it was tasty
  • Carried groceries in the rain — a true London experience
  • Listened to “Take on Me” by A-Ha — about 5 times
  • Watched the Olympics on TV — but missed Michael Phelps winning 19th gold
  • Visited Science Museum — disappointed in lack of space ice cream in gift shop
  • Converted Celsius to Fahrenheit — on an iPhone app
  • Revisited my childhood — at the Lego store
  • Listened to “Take on Me” by A-Ha again — while writing this blog post

Next week, we are planning on going on a Harry Potter tour, seeing Shrek the Musical, going to The Dark Knight Rises (Anne Hathaway in IMAX 3D), riding on a bike tour to Hampton Court, and possibly going to Cardiff to see the Men’s Football Quarterfinals!

Currently, I’m sitting on this firm couch in the flat with the Olympics running in the background on the “tele”. Isabel and Hope Janelle just came back from shopping, something that I am not good at. They gave me pictures of wedding dresses to look at and told me to pick the best one. For someone who has great difficulty picking the best paint color from a handful of those colored sample cards in the Home Depot, I just didn’t know how to answer. So I didn’t, and they gave me a candy necklace. That whole paragraph was live blogged.

Dinner is being cooked, so I am going to help out and prepare to eat. You will hear from me again though! Xoxo