#that’ssoBritish – Ryan Geffert

A map of the London Live festival!

Wow! Friday and Saturday were probably the most packed days that we’ve had since our arrival in the UK.

The zip line shook me up a bit…

It all started with a late morning decision to head to the London Live Victoria Park across from the Olympic Village. There were several enormous screens that showed different Olympic events. Here, we saw Federer beat his Argentinian opponent and a British indoor cyclist beat an Olympic record… so the crowd was super excited making the moment all the more memorable! At Victoria Park, we also found ourselves zip-lining, sumo wrestling, ferris wheeling, ping ponging and tennis-ing … (???) Either way, we had our Olympic fill for the day.

We sumo wrestled…

But the day hadn’t even begun yet! Next we headed towards Covent Garden and Regent Street to meet up with Isabel and grab some early dinner. We ended up catching up with our old friend Charlie Chaplin who put on a wonderful show for about an hour as we sat and watched the crowd’s priceless reactions to the improv comic genius! Suddenly, the hunger began to creep over us again. We quickly stopped by a place called “Fuel” where we had a wonderfully satisfying Italian dinner!

Our dinner!

Following our meal, we decided to continue our night upon the River Thames. We made our way to the South Bank, where we hopped on the London Eye and got a wonderful sight of the City of London and Westminster!

London Live Ferris Wheel

View of Victoria Park from the Ferris Wheel

We then followed the music to the Houses of Parliament where fabulous projections lit up the side of the old government office building. With inspirational music and a great narrative story about the history of the Olympics, the half hour show was near perfection and surely motivational! At that point, we called it a night and let the next morning take us by surprise. The day was truly a full British outing, full of real London sights and unforgettable experiences with a mass of unforgettable characters along the way!

Projections on Parliament – Olympic Rings

Projections on Parliament – Union Jack

Projections on Parliament – Michael Phelps

Victoria and Albert Museum – Quinton Bosman

Outside the Victoria and Albert Museum, very close to where we are staying.

The museum was full of massive, beautiful paintings and sculptures like this one from Great Britain.

One patron must have had a long day in the museum as she falls asleep in front of a picture from the early 1600’s.

Ancient pot from China, believed to be from about 1300 AD.

A View From Above – Quinton Bosman

Founded in 1951, The Original Bus tour takes tourists throughout the city of London highlighting all the major sights. I stayed on the bus for about two hours by accident.

Lions have been placed on the British coat of arms for years. Their popularity has grown since it has become the mascot for the GB team during the Olympics.

The London Eye was viewable at almost every stop on the tour!

Tower Bridge was actually the most crowded part of the tour. Many people confuse it with  London Bridge. Note the retracted Olympic rings.

Behind the Scenes: Magical Mystery Tour – Quinton Bosman

The message at Abbey Road studios is simple: dream. The building is a fully functional recording studio, not just a tourist stop. Abbey Road is also a fully functional road which many tourists seem to forget as they attempt to imitate the famous Beatles photo.

Our tour guide is one of the biggest Beatle’s fans alive. He has met many of them on multiple occasion and has been conducting the Magical Mystery tour for years.

Jake had the opportunity to interview our famous tour guide while Isabel filmed.

Slight Change in Weather – Quinton Bosman

The slight change in weather has not decreased tourism. Covent Garden, one of the busier centers, is constantly flooded with tourists.

Different iterations of Wenlock, the one-eyed Olympic ambassador, are placed throughout the city.

Locals have taken to the parks! To avoid the crowds and cars, most Londoners have found refuge at smaller parks such as Soho Square, near Regent street.