For Parents

Welcome from Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Director of Undergraduate Studies

Congratulations! After years of preparing, it’s now time for your son or daughter to go to college! It’s an exciting time in their life, and yours. It’s also a time of mixed emotions, especially for parents. While you’re thrilled to see them begin this journey, you might also be anxious and worried. Are they ready to live on their own? Are they responsible enough? Will they do well academically? Will they make friends? Will they make good decisions? Will they be happy? Will they find their career interests? Such a transition in life can be difficult for all involved. Now that this goal has become a reality, it might be difficult to see them go.

We know that you want what’s best for your son or daughter. As parents, we expect that you will have many questions throughout their studies so that you can best support them. The purpose of this website is to help you answer those questions, from the moment they enter Temple until they graduate. This website provides resources and valuable information regarding the School of Communications and Theater (SCT) as well as Temple University. We hope it answers your questions. But, if it doesn’t, please let us know so that we may consider adding additional information.

Your sons and daughters enter Temple full of dreams, goals, and interests, and we are pleased to welcome them! As faculty and administrators, our goal is to help them succeed and accomplish those goals. We want them to learn more about themselves, locate and explore their interests, and take advantage of the full range of educational opportunities awaiting them at Temple University and in Philadelphia.

For example, your son or daughter may want to get involved with any of our School- or University-wide student organizations. Temple prides itself as a global leader, and in this era of globalization, students should explore the number of study away options that our School provides. Additionally, students should consider advancing their academic skills and careers by becoming part of the numerous research and artistic endeavors on campus. Opportunities to explore career interests through internships are also offered. On the right hand side of this page, we have provided links to information regarding some of these exciting possibilities.

In an effort to assist them through these learning processes, we also want them to shape their own education. To do this, they must challenge themselves and sometimes make mistakes. They need to do this on their own, after having received information and guidance from all appropriate resources. We hope our students become responsible young adults and that they gain a strong foundation for their chosen career. For these reasons, we encourage students to take responsibility for their education. Of course, we’re always here to help!

Please know that SCT staff, faculty, and administrators are made up of educators who care very much about our students and their success. We look forward to helping you support your student through what we hope will be a wonderful educational and enriching experience and a proud accomplishment for them and your family!


Kimberly Guyer, M.S. Ed, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Scott Gratson, Ph.D., Director of Undergraduate Studies

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