Innovative Uses of your iPad in the Classroom

Computer Services will be hosting a seminar presentation tomorrow, January 26 from 10am to 11:30am on innovative uses of iPads. Please see the announcement below for full information and please pass along to your colleagues in SCT.

A growing number of faculty across the world are using iPads to enhance teaching and learning. Tomorrow (1/26), Apple representatives will be visiting Temple to demonstrate and discuss some of the interesting and innovative ways that faculty can use the iPad. In this 90 minute session, we’ll explore a “day in the life” of a student and instructor, and demonstrate how the iPad can be a powerful solution that transforms both the academic and personal experience. Participants will also understand how the iPad improves learning workflow, enhances communication, fosters collaboration and contributes to a greener campus. The session will be interactive and attendees are invited to bring their iPads and encouraged to share their favorite iPad use either in or out of the classroom.

This discussion will be especially pertinent after Apple’s recent announcement regarding its new iBooks app.

Watch the video on iBooks here:

When: Thursday, January 26, 2012
Time: 10:00am – 11:30am
Location: Library Lecture Hall in the Lower Level of Paley Library

Register here:

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Stanford prof founds online university

A friend sent me this story from The Chronicle for Higher Education. A Stanford professor (also a “Google Fellow”) has left his tenured position to found an online university, along with another professor from the University of Virginia. It looks like the first courses are in the computer sciences and apparently they are delivering technical expertise on programming robotic cars and building your own search engine.

While we are all grappling with ways to use the expanding array of online educational technologies, I wonder how their video-oriented method would work for courses that combine cultural theory with critical thinking. I look forward to comments from SCT faculty members.

Here is a link to the site for the university, called Udacity.



It’s never too late!

I’ve used part of my Winter Break to become more technology savvy — added a microphone and cam to my home computer, created two wikispace assignments for a class, taught myself how to create a podcast, have prepped a new online course from scratch, and am participating in the new Virtual Teaching Certification Program. So, props to Dominique Kliger, Renee Hobbs (who shared a very helpful pdf with me), Sheryl Kantrowitz (for stoking the fires with the S+L workshop) and youtube (luv those how-to videos)! So, the moral of the story is: Even a “seasoned” educator can learn new tricks!