It’s never too late!

I’ve used part of my Winter Break to become more technology savvy — added a microphone and cam to my home computer, created two wikispace assignments for a class, taught myself how to create a podcast, have prepped a new online course from scratch, and am participating in the new Virtual Teaching Certification Program. So, props to Dominique Kliger, Renee Hobbs (who shared a very helpful pdf with me), Sheryl Kantrowitz (for stoking the fires with the S+L workshop) and youtube (luv those how-to videos)! So, the moral of the story is: Even a “seasoned” educator can learn new tricks!

1 thought on “It’s never too late!

  1. Donnalyn, You sure have been busy! Very interested in hearing how your first semester trying some of your new assignments and techniques goes…best of luck although you sound like you have it all under control.

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