MS graduate students critique the state of attention to diversity at 19 organizations

Donnalyn Pompper’s Organizational Communication class of graduate students in the MS program put 19 organizations under the microscope to critique attention to diversity, using Taylor Cox’s “multicultural organization” lens. Most were surprised at what they found. Check out their Wikispace pages by clicking the link below. You’ll find the assignment on the main page — and students’ entries listed in the left-hand column.

Temple project “ditches textbooks” for digital alternatives

According to a report in The Chronicle of Higher Education, eleven Temple professors received $1000 grants to create “alternative textbooks” that connected students with “primary resources” and used “social media.” Not surprisingly, students responded “with glee” to the free price tag. However, I am curious as to the actual effect of such alternatives on student learning and critical thinking skills. What do other SCT professors think? Would you be interested in a SCT teaching workshop featuring some of these professors?

Here is a link to a story about the grants at the Temple news site.