Temple project “ditches textbooks” for digital alternatives

According to a report┬áin The Chronicle of Higher Education, eleven Temple professors received $1000 grants to create “alternative textbooks” that connected students with “primary resources” and used “social media.” Not surprisingly, students responded “with glee” to the free price tag. However, I am curious as to the actual effect of such alternatives on student learning and critical thinking skills. What do other SCT professors think? Would you be interested in a SCT teaching workshop featuring some of these professors?

Here is a link to a story about the grants at the Temple news site.




1 thought on “Temple project “ditches textbooks” for digital alternatives

  1. I’ve been following this story, actually, and I plan to apply when they offer this grant again as this would be very applicable for me for the courses I teach. I teach courses that do have some foundation that stays the same but the content / examples / articles are refreshed EVERY semester so one textbook will never do the trick for me (Art Direction, Interactive Media)

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