Blogging in the classroom

I’ve introduced a new activity in my Introduction to Public Relations class this semester – blogging. Each of my 20 students has created her/his own “My Budding Public Relations Career” blog and they’re integrating what they’re learning in the classroom with course readings, contemporary events, internships, and their aspirations.

First, I asked them to consider which of the three primary practice arenas interest them:  agency, corporation, not-for-profit organization.

Next, I invited them to consider a particular industry that appeals to them. Many seem to be interested in fashion and sports. 

Already, they’re connecting with public relations students at other universities and working practitioners. 

I look forward to great things from these students. So far they seem to be enjoying it. 

Students are required to make 10 blog entries throughout the semester in order to earn points. So far, check out what Krysanne Bryan is blogging about!

By mid-term time, nearly all of my students have set up their blog site and regularly are contributing to it. One student even has established a relationship with a high school student interested in PR! Students’ opinions and budding career interests clearly shine through. Check them out (some you may need to cut/paste into your browser)!

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