Collaborative Student Research Projects Using a Wiki

In Professor Renee Hobbs Fall 2010 course, Mass Media and Children, students coordinated a semester-long research project using Wikispaces as their medium. Wikispaces is a simple-to-use web production tool that encourages collaborative writing and editing.

Focusing attention on the most popular children’s television program on the air today, iCarly, students engaged in a five-week research inquiry. They reviewed more than 20 episodes of the program to identify various themes, then they gathered information about the show’s producers and target audience and selected an independent research question related to iCarly to explore on their own.

Click here to see the student website created for the course.

Using Wikispaces to Explore 21st Century Propaganda

During the Spring 2011 Semester, in the BTMM 1021 Mass Media and Society course, Professor Renee Hobbs had her students develop an original multimedia project on a topic or issue related to the study of 21st century propaganda using the Wiki medium.

You can view their final projects by clicking here.