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Summer 2012 Courses

Summer study in Dublin is tailored to your interests, your specialization.   As a vital part of the expansion of your specialized learning and writing, you’ll experience all the intimacy, joy, friendliness, and richness of a youth-oriented, vibrant city, Dublin, and a country that for many of us as Americans, lives deep in our national souls, Ireland.  One of the goals is for all of that to come through your pens and keyboards.

Travel Writing: BTMM 3296 or JOURN 3296 (WI 3. s.h.)
Considering summer study in Dublin?  Interested in exploring writing style as you also explore an intimate, friendly city large enough to embody the world in its diversity?  Here’s what to expect during Summer 2012 in Dublin, Ireland.

This course explores international communication, intercultural competence, and the nature of travel (why and how we travel, and what we can learn from it) through a travel writing curriculum.  Summer study in Dublin can also focus on your special interest, your major, maybe even your passion.  You can develop a topic from your major or specialized interest at TU and then use Irish writing to deepen and widen your working knowledge of the field, all while sharing your writing via a class blog.  You’ll do all this with the insights and help of Irish writing professionals, because to be Irish is to be part of a rich and enduring legacy of the spoken and written word. Summer Dublin will be tailored to your interests, your specialization, and even your career goals.

Irish Communal Identity: BTMM 4571; FMA 3680; or JOURN 3751 (3 s.h.)
Cultural Geography is the analysis of the relationship between social construction and its spatial expression. Over time Dublin has changed in many ways – politically, culturally, physically and economically. Although some of these shifting landscapes can be referenced on the tourist maps today, examples being Christchurch Cathedral and Georgian Dublin, many of the lived spaces have been forgotten or veiled in the margins. This course enables students to engage in a spatial narrative with the city by means of a detailed study of the city’s spatial morphology in which a form of ‘philosophical pluralism’ is called for in the individual’s ‘human geography’. The tool to be used is ‘geographical imagination’ whereby the sensitivity towards the significance of place, space, and landscape in the constitution and conduct of social life is fostered and expressed spatially. Literature and music will be used to give meaning and identity to the lived environments. The course will explore the ‘hidden’ city spaces within Dublin, those place that house the unemployed, travelers and immigrant communities.

The 2012 Faculty Director

The Temple Dublin Faculty Director for Summer 2012 will be James Marra.  Dr. Marra is a full professor in Temple University’s Department of Advertising where he teaches Advertising Copywriting, Introduction to Media & Society, and Temple’s own Diamond Edge Communications (DEC), one of only a handful of student-run advertising agencies in the nation.  He also teaches the Magazine Fiction Workshop for Temple’s Department of Journalism  He has served as Associate Director for Temple’s Intellectual Heritage Program where he edited a series of texts for program students.  He has authored and co-authored books on advertising creativity, copywriting, and advertising campaign strategy.  He has also won numerous teaching awards, including the Golden Key Award from Temple’s Honors Program.

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