Program Dates/Class Schedule: Monday-Friday, 7/23/12 – 8/13/12

BTMM 4787 (4 credits) – this workshop stands as a practicum

Class Location: Temple London Facility, Temple Main Campus and locations around London

Course Instructor: William Mooney , Asst. Professor, BTMM (London)
Project Executive Producer: Paul Gluck , Assoc. Professor, BTMM  & General Manager, TUTV (Philadelphia)

This class offers students the opportunity to face almost every challenge that a media professional will confront in bringing home the vibrant, exhilarating story of the 30th Summer Olympiad.

Those of you who journey to UK will create original, daily content about the impact of the Olympic Games on life, culture, economy, security, the people of London and the Americans (many from our area) who travel thousands of miles to cheer on their favorite athletes.

Because the actual event video is not available to us (NBC is paying hundreds of millions of dollars for the rights to broadcast the Olympics in America, and may not grant replay rights to us or any other non-profit educational institution) we will focus on the stories “around” the Olympiad.

Students will experience new cultures and new environments as they travel to the United Kingdom and meet members of the Olympic community from around the globe.

Students will confront and overcome the manifold, often unanticipated, professional and logistical challenges that face the multi-platform story teller who is operating in an unfamiliar environment.

Students will learn how to devise original and creative solutions when traditional practices ad protocols fail to meet the needs of the project.

Students deployed to London will leave Philadelphia early in the week of 7/23/12, so you will  have a few day to become familiar with London, our Temple Facilities and the Olympic venues.

London-based class participants will stay in the same housing facility as used by the students enrolled in the London, Study Abroad program.

Students will use public transit and cabs going to and from story locations.

Temple’s TUTV will oversee the credentialing process.

Students in London will rotate responsibility for researching, producing, shooting, editing and reporting stories for the special TV Programs. They will also alternate anchoring asignments for  our special TV programs by Skype from London.

Philadelphia-based students will work at TUTV to research, produce, write, book guests, direct, build graphics and anchor special programs from our studio in Annenberg Hall.

London-based students will return to Philadelphia early in the week of August 12th.

Some of you, who will remain in Philadelphia, will be immersed in LIVE studio production, as TUTV brings the excitement of the Games to regional viewers, here at home.

Minimally, two nights per week, during this course, the student-produced stories from the UK will air on TUTV as part of a special, LIVE program in prime time. This show will include LIVE updates from the students, delivered by SKYPE from London.

We will record these shows and replay them in different parts of the broadcast schedule and place them on, and in the Project Open Voice, Video on Demand folder for Comcast Cable.

Students will also be asked to blog about their daily, Olympic experiences.

We will visit with and gain insights from NBC media professionals who will be covering the Olympics.


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