Peer Advisors

The SCT Study Away Peer Advisors are a group of dedicated Study Away alumni that are always ready, willing and able to talk to prospective students about their experiences and answer any questions you may have.  Here you can read about each of our unique Peer Advisors and find their contact information to reach out to them at any time.

London Peer Advisors

LaToya Stroman

LaToya, London Spring 2011

Hello, my name is LaToya Stroman and I am a BTMM major. Most people call me “Toya.” I am fun, friendly and motivated to succeed. I am from Philly and I love to travel, meet new people & enjoy life. Along with being a student, I decorate on the side and volunteer for inner-city youth projects 90% of my time. I know it sounds weird (smile). I studied in London in the Spring of 2011 and it was literally LIFE CHANGING. My time there was so incredible, I stayed an extra month and house sat for a co-worker I met while interning. I interned at Shorts International and worked my butt off, interviewed for the job and its waiting for me after graduation. I have overcome some really difficult times in my life and I am determined to be successful and be effective in my community. My life quote is “finish what you have started.”  Contact me at any time – you can always find me in the Study Away office (Room 6 in Annenberg Hall).

Skype: latoyastroman – (contact me via email to set up a time)

Kelsey Jones

Kelsey, London Spring 2011

I’m a senior at Temple, originally from Wilkes-Barre in Northeast Pennsylvania. I would describe myself as a silly goof with a huge heart and a naturally people-oriented person. As a student, I chose to study Communications because it will always be prevalent in interdisciplinary fields and contexts. My current role as a multi-media intern at Campus Philly is preparing me for post-graduation. Additionally, it allows me to pursue my goals at the present; I photograph major events for Campus Philly and I’m responsible for regularly updating and organizing their virtual photo library.

In Spring 2011, I studied in London with some of the most amazing and inspiring people I’ve ever met. Additionally, my most ambitious work experience was my internship abroad at the World Photography Organisation offered hands-on work, including writing news articles published on their website, conducting research for worldwide photographers, and implementing marketing and social media strategies in preparation for a major event – the World Photography Festival and Sony World Photography Awards 2011. This internship and the entire study abroad London experience broadened my worldview and made me realize that international communications skills are a necessity.

My interpersonal capabilities and my passionate involvement with photography will ultimately lead me to a future career that involves two primary elements: people and a camera. I would love to explore the broad field of visual communications – particularly social documentary photography. A perfect job would also encompass some sort of social work. If I was able to simultaneously provide counseling treatment and photograph members of the community that seek improvement from social programs, it would be my dream career.


Danielle Marinese

Danielle, London Fall 2010

I’m Danielle Marinese, a senior Communications major who still has no idea what she wants to do after graduation, to the dismay of every adult who asks. I also don’t know how to whistle, dive into a pool, or sing the correct lyrics of top 40 songs. I do know that studying abroad in London during the fall of my junior year was one of the best decisions I made as a Temple student and I love to help future study abroad students not make the same mistakes I did while I was away (like nearly missing every international flight I booked).


Jessica Philo

Jess, London Spring 2011

I’m Jessica Philo, and I’m an Advertising major/English minor from Phoenixville, PA. I studied in London during Spring 2011 and ever since my return from London not only have I been pining to go back, but I’ve become obsessed with promoting Study Away. I believe that everyone who dreams of studying abroad should pursue their dreams and make them a reality. Studying abroad is an amazing way to immerse yourself in another country’s culture and way of life (not to mention the amazing experience it is in its entirety), and once you graduate it becomes a lot harder to temporarily move to Europe (if you could imagine that).

With that being said, I’m here to answer your questions about studying abroad. Please don’t be shy! No question is too off the wall or awkward, and I’d be more than happy to meet with you. I also keep a blog where I log all of my London study abroad advice, which you can find here Feel free to mouse around there if you’re curious.

Skype: JessPhilo
Cell: (610) 656-2051

**Also thank Jess for putting together this page!

Hadar Spector

Hadar, London Spring 2011

Hey, I’m Hadar Spector and I’m a Communications major who studied in London during the Spring 2011 semester. I absolutely loved London and I miss it everyday. There was always something fun to do and my time there was one of the best few months of my life. I even traveled for 5 weeks on my own after the semester and I ended up seeing cities in 8 different countries over all!

I’m a music enthusiast, whether it’s listening, attending shows, writing about it, or just singing in the shower. I also have a love for photography and eating ice cream in my spare time. If there’s one phrase I choose to live by, it’s definitely the Beatles quote, “There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be.”


Zach Thornbury

Three words describe me: Team-player, Traveler and (too) Tall.

Zach, London Spring 2011

I’m a senior here at Temple University and I study Advertising, English and Psychology. I joined the Study Away program at SCT in the spring of 2011, and shipped off to London for nearly 5 months. Once I was there, I used Europe as my muse, exploring 11 countries in total before returning home. My mother would love to insert a microchip into my left foot because she’s never quite sure where to find me now that I’m back home. However, I’m usually at Campus Philly, where I serve as Editor in Chief of the editorial board of college interns.

When I’m not at his post at Campus Philly, you could probably catch me in Annenberg Hall, tutoring fellow students or strumming a guitar with friends on Beury Beach. I’m not hard to miss at nearly 6’6″.  And if you still haven’t been able to track me down, best bet is to check out my travel blog, That’ll probably tell you where you just missed me or at the very least, where I’m going to next.  Although sometimes difficult to find, I’m always easy to reach. Feel free to contact me by e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, or cell. I’m definitely someone that’s always connected:

Twitter: @zachthornbury
Cell: 267.259.8151

Meghan White

Meghan, London Fall 2010

I’m Meghan White, a senior BTMM major originally from the suburbs of Philadelphia. I studied in London in the Fall of 2010. While there I made a point of exploring museums, markets, parts of Europe and of course, pubs. I interned at CCD PR, which was more or less sandwiched between Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square, which gave me my weekly dose of tourism and also allowed me to pretend that I was in Harry Potter while walking down Shaftesbury Ave. One of the highlights of studying abroad was getting to explore Europe for a week during fall break. My trip involved a lot of running to catch trains and getting a bit lost everywhere we went.

In addition to telling everyone that they should study in London, I also write a craft column for The Temple News called “HandMeg.” I maintain a slightly ridiculous blog that is not at all related to travel (

Email*:, Twitter:

*If you’re emailing me, please put something about your Study Away interest in the subject line. From there I’d be more than happy to set up a face to face meeting time on campus or on Skype!

Samantha Schatz

Sam, London Summer 2011

I’m Sam, I’m a senior Advertising major focusing in copy writing. I decided to study abroad the summer after my junior year, and if I could go back and change anything I totally would have gone for a full semester!! I studied in London and absolutely loved it! I’m determined to eventually live there, because during the six weeks I spent there, I completely fell in love with the city. I found London really easy to get accustomed to and I never got home sick.

I think studying abroad is an experience everyone should have if they have the ability to. It opens your eyes to other cultures and gives you the chance to explore other parts of the world pretty easily. It made me love traveling even more! I was a little hesitant about going so far at first, but I can honestly say it was the best six weeks of my life and not a day goes by that I don’t miss it!

I became a peer advisor because I love sharing my stories about Europe and I think it’s great I can help convince people to study abroad and answer their questions about it! I’m definitely willing to help out anytime and can be contacted in a few ways!


Dan Polis (superstar Dan participated in both London and Los Angeles programs!)

My name is Daniel Polis. I’m from Cheltenham Pennsylvania and I’m a Film and Media Arts senior at the School of Communications and Theater. I went to London in the Spring 2011 semester, and it was there that I had the opportunity to intern at a major independent film festival as well as a chance to travel throughout Europe. Just a week and a half after returning from London, I packed my bags once again and set off for Temple’s Los Angeles Internship program. There I interned in television development at an Emmy award winning production company. I believe that both of my study away experiences with Temple shaped me into who I am today and prepared me for the next step in my life.


Los Angeles Peer Advisors

Adam Segal

Adam, Los Angeles Summer 2011

My name is Adam Segal and I participated in the Summer 2011 L.A. Internship program through Study Away. It was an incredibly rewarding experience in many ways. The program puts you in a fantastic position in terms of getting your foot in the door to Hollywood. Living in sunny Los Angeles for the summer was a reward in itself, but the career possibilities are limitless if you take advantage of this opportunity. Feel free to contact me.


South Africa Peer Advisors

Nicholas Centore

Nick, South Africa Summer 2011

Born in the ‘burbs of North Jersey, I have chosen to embark on a quest for wisdom and experience to take advantage of this crazy thing called life to the fullest extent I possibly can. There are too many places in this world to visit, a plethora of extraordinary people to meet, and certainly not enough time to witness it all. However, I have chosen to dedicate the rest of his life to complete as much of it as I possibly can and to not regret anything along the way. Education is IMPERATIVE to accomplish this rewarding existence and I have no issues with the thought of it. I am now well on my way to gaining a Bachelor’s degree in Film and Media Arts with a minor in Business. What I plan to do after…who knows!

How to contact Nick: Email:

Nick Peterson

Nick, South Africa Summer 2011

I’m a junior, Advertising major and Pittsburgh native. I studied in Johannesburg, South Africa during July 2011.

Learning to be a foreign correspondent was the most enriching learning experience I’ve ever been a part of. I think that studying away is important because it makes you more globally conscious. The South African program has an emphasis on cultural learning. We weren’t sitting in classrooms we were out in the field looking for people to meet with stories to tell. For fun we went bungee jumping, scuba diving in the Indian Ocean and chilled with lots of cool Africans.

Unfortunately, the South Africa program has been temporarily suspended. However, if anyone is still interested in the program I hope you will contact me. We are trying to get the word out about the program and get more support.


Shanell Simmons

Shanell, South Africa Summer 2011

Hey Everyone! My name is Shanell Simmons and I’m a junior Journalism major. YAY Journalism. I’m from the one and only New York City and I love to read books, write reviews and blog about a range of relevant topics.

I studied abroad in South Africa in summer 2011, which was not only the best experience of my 20 living years, but also the biggest accomplishment of my life. After coming back from South Africa, my worldview both shifted and expanded. It was a chance for me to both gain experience in my field and to inflict change as well. We didn’t just stay in the suburban community where we laid our head to rest; we went out and tried to make a difference in South African children’s lives that are underprivileged, yet aspire to be more than what society’s expectations are.

In closing, my advice to you all who may be considering studying away is to stop considering it and JUST DO IT. It won’t be like when you had to pick a college to attend, where it could either be a good decision or the worst decision you’ve ever made. There is only one outcome from studying abroad: you will absolutely love it.

If you have any questions, concerns/fears, please feel free to contact me at ANY TIME. I am so willing and excited to speak to those of you who are interested and even those who may not be all that interested at all.

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