Sony NEX FS700U

Sony announced their update to the popular FS100 a couple of months ago at around $10,000, but it recently became available for pre-order at $7,999.

The significant differences between this camera and the FS100 are:

  • Slow motion capability: 240 fps at full resolution—up to 960 fps at reduced resolution
  • Addition of ND Filters
  • Higher-resolution sensor enabling 4k output to an external recorder available in the future
  • Additional Gamma options that are similar to those available in the F3

Abel Cine in New York recently ran a series of tests on the camera: low-light performance (up to ISO 16000), dynamic range (about 11.5 stops, depending on the gamma), and slow motion (it appears that camera arrays for bullet time are a thing of the past, even for the low-budget production).
You can see this great set of tests here.