Film Lab

The School’s Film Lab advises and assists production students with film and video post-production services. The SCT Film Lab also orders and dispenses film, video, audio, and other supplies for all lab fee-based School production courses.


111 Annenberg Hall

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Film Processing, Printing, and Telecine Transfer

The Film Lab coordinates the processing, printing, and video transfer of all film production classes. The Lab initiates, executes, and maintains service contracts with outside labs and post-production facilities as a service to students in production courses. If film processing, printing, and/or transfer services at these vendors are supported by a class budget, the Film Lab will oversee service and act as intermediary for the student. If these services are not supported by a SCT production budget, the Film Lab will offer technical advice. In or on the boxes or cans containing exposed film, students should include name, class number, phone number, and services needed.

Production Supplies

The Film Lab orders and dispenses film, video, audio, and other supplies for all lab fee-based SCT production courses. Because the Film Lab is not a commercial vendor, film and other supply purchases are restricted to members of the SCT community, with an imprinted check or money order.

For appropriate production courses, faculty instructors submit a class list requesting course supplies, which are then prepared for pickup. Some production courses may file individual budget cards, from which students may draw supplies. Students may not pick up class supplies unless an up-to-date class list has been submitted by the instructor. There are no exceptions.

Film Stock

The Film Lab carries only Eastman Kodak Raw Film Stock in 16mm and 35mm formats. However, only color negative film is available in 35mm. All Kodak 16mm film emulsions come loaded single-perf (1R) on 100′ daylight spools or 400′ on core. All Kodak color neg 35mm film emulsions come in 400’ and 1000’ core loads.

Available Emulsions

B/W Negative (Exposure Index)

  • EASTMAN 7231 PLUS-X (EI 64T/80D)
  • EASTMAN 7222 DOUBLE-X (EI 200T/250D)

B/W Reversal (Exposure Index)

  • EASTMAN 7265 PLUS-X (EI 80T/100D)
  • EASTMAN 7266 TRI-X (EI 160T/200D)

Color Negative Film – both in 16mm & 35mm formats

  • High Speed
    • KODAK VISION3 500T – 7219/5219
  • Medium Speed
    • KODAK VISION2 250D – 7205/5205
    • KODAK VISION2 200T – 7217/5217
  • Low Speed
    • KODAK VISION2 50D – 7201
    • KODAK VISION2 100T – 7212

Check with the Film Lab staff for current film stocks and prices.

For large film stock orders (more than 800′), you may buy your film directly from Kodak at the same 30% discount pirice via their Educational Allowance Program. Order forms are available in the Film Lab or in the FMA office.

For more information about Kodak motion picture films for educational use, please visit this website.

Note About Certain Cameras

The Aaton A-Minima Super 16mm cameras only take 200′ single-perf film loads on Kodak Flex reels. Available in all color neg stocks. The Aaton LTR54 and the Bolex BLXS1601 are also Super 16mm film cameras that use only single-perf film. Available on 100′ daylight spools (for the BLXS101) or on 400′ cores (for the Aaton LTR54). No 200′ loads for these cameras since it will not take 200′ Flex Reels.

Audio/Video and Other Supplies

The Film Lab carries an assortment of professional audio and video supplies for various production courses whose production budgets are covered by lab fees. Limited quantities of professional supplies are available for students, faculty, and staff to use for practical, developmental, and academic purposes. The Film Lab is not a retail store; no cash accepted, checks or money orders only. We do not carry common supplies (like CDs, audio cassettes, etc.) for student class use. These supplies are readily available at retail stores. Since production media technologies are many and ever-changing, supplies may change at any time, based on availability and integration with our systems. Check with the Film Lab staff for current prices.

Audio Tape (Digital)
SONY PDP-64 DAT (1 hour)
SONY PDP-124 DAT (2 hour)

Video Tape (Analog)
SONY BETA SP-30 (short shell) videotape
SONY BETA SP-60 (long shell) videotape
SONY BETA SP-90 (long shell) videotape

Video Tape (Digital)
PANASONIC or SONY Mini-DV 60 videotape
PANASONIC DV-124 (long shell, not mini)
SONY DVCAM/HDV 64 videotape
FUJI DVC Pro66M videotape

DVD Recordable Disks
Maxell (or Generic) DVD-R 4.7 GB (General Purpose) Disk for MAC
Maxell (or Generic) DVD+R 4.7 GB Disk for Avid Xpress DV

Flash Memory Cards (based on availability)
Compact Flash

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