The Terminator

Work Title: The Terminator
Medium: Film
Episode Title:
Year: 1984
Writer(s): James Cameron
"Original" Writer: Yes Writer(s): William Wisher Jr.
"Original" Writer: Yes Writer(s): Gale Anne Hurd
"Original" Writer: Yes Writer(s): Harlan Ellison
"Original" Writer: Yes Own work?: No


from A cyborg assassin called "The Terminator" is sent back through time to 1984 to kill the seemingly innocent Sarah Connor-a woman whose unborn son will lead the human race to victory in a bitter future war with a race of machines. If the Terminator succeeds, mankind is doomed. Sarah's only hope is a soldier from that post-apocalyptic war, who has chased the Terminator back through time. The future of the human race depends on which one finds her first... Summary written by Ed Martin {}

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Era/Year of Portrayal: present_day

Distinctive characteristics of the world in portrayal:

Present day 1984.


  • Name of portrayed presence-evoking technology: The Terminator
  • Description of the technology: The Terminator is a cyborg - half man, half technology. He is flesh over a steel skeleton and runs through computer programing. His brain is a computer. He appears human though.
  • Nature of task or activity: He is a killing machine. Most people are running from the cyborg or fighting for their lives.
  • Performance of the Technology: Functions well in pursuit of Sarah Conner.
  • Description of creator(s): unknown.
  • Major goal(s) of creator(s): to fight wars.
  • Description of users of technology: All people experience presence through interacting with the cyborg.
  • Type(s) of presence experience in the portrayal: social_presence
  • Description of presence experience: Terror. The cyborg is frightening. He is a killing machine, with one mission.
  • User awareness of technology during experience: Most are unaware, although Sarah Conner is aware.
  • Valence of experience: unpleasant
  • Specific responses: Sarah Conner gains knowledge through her experience.
Long-term consequences:

She lives, but her protector from the future (and father of unborn child) dies. Bittersweet.


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