Weird Science

Work Title: Weird Science
Medium: Film
Episode Title:
Year: 1985
Writer(s): John Hughes
"Original" Writer: Yes Own work?: No


Two unpopular teenagers, Gary and Wyatt, fail at all attempts to be accepted by their peers. Thier desperation to be liked leads them to "create" a woman via their computer. Their living and breathing creation is a gorgeous woman, Lisa, who's purpose is to boost their confidence level by putting them into situations which require Gary and Wyatt to act like men. On their road to become accepted they encounter many hilarious obstacles which gives the movie an overall sense of silliness. Summary written by Jeff Ranous {} from

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Era/Year of Portrayal: present_day

Distinctive characteristics of the world in portrayal:

Present day 1985. It's the 80's.


  • Name of portrayed presence-evoking technology: Lisa
  • Description of the technology: 2 nerdy teenagers use thier computer to create a perfect woman. She is not real, because she was created by a computer. She is appears very beautiful and cool, - the teenage boy's version of perfect. She can make things happen, like erase memories. Everyone interacts with her as if she were human. Lisa appears realisticly human. She does act superior in general but obeys the boys commands and generally tries to help them.
  • Nature of task or activity: Everyone interacts with her as if she is human in all daily activities.
  • Performance of the Technology: She works very well. She does things the boys don't expect, like stop time for one of the biys grandparents and erase one boy's parents memories, but in the end it all works out.
  • Description of creator(s): 2 white, suburban, nerdy teenage boys. They are in high school and are total geeks.
  • Major goal(s) of creator(s): They create Lisa so they can have more experience with women - they are ignored by the girls at school. Also, I suppose, to entertain themselves. Later, the attempt to create another woman to impress their peers.
  • Description of users of technology: Everyone interacts with lisa, men and women, all ages and ethnicities. Primarily, she interacts with teenagers.
  • Type(s) of presence experience in the portrayal: social_presence
  • Description of presence experience: Teh presence experience is typically pleasent - everyone want sot be around Lisa. However, occasionally she will make things difficult for the boys, like invite bikers to their house, but in the end, everything works out to the best interest of everyone.
  • User awareness of technology during experience: No. They all think Lisa is real except for the 2 boys who create her and the 2 oher boys they tell to impress.
  • Valence of experience: The find it pleasant because Lisa is beautiful and cool.
  • Specific responses: She is very attractive. Men are attracted to her and women are impressed by her beauty and grace. Her general coolness adds. People are in awe of her.
Long-term consequences:

The consequences are good. The boys become more comforatble with women and more popular with thier peers. Family relations are bettered as well. Even Lisa goes on to live a presumably happy life.


This movie wasn't on the list but I think it clearly has presence in it. Lisa is created by a computer and is not human. People interact with her continously.

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